Natural Opal Face Roller
Natural Opal Face Roller

Natural Opal Face Roller

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Opalite Facial Roller

Product Information

  • Material: Opal
  • Length: 5.6" approximately 
  • Opalite Healing Powers
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Releases tight muscles
  • Nourishes the skin and promotes healing
  • Activates blood circulation for an even skin tone
  • Promotes collagen production & lymphatic drainage

Each roller is made from 100% natural high-quality crystals. Because this product uses natural crystals colours may vary.


Crystals once utilized by ancient Egyptians for their healing properties and were often used in facial treatments to remove wrinkles, acne, and scars. Improving the complexion of skin.

Start your morning or end your evening routine with our Opalite Facial Roller. By harnessing the healing powers of crystals to stimulate collagen production, lymphatic circulation, releasing unwanted toxins from the skin. Restoring your skin vitality to a youthful glow.



  • Refrigerated for extra coolness
  • Use to apply your favourite serums, oils, moisturisers or masks
  • You can also use the crystal roller on your body
  • Pair with our rose serum! (The Tonic) 

How many times to use your crystal facial roller?

For best results it is recommended to roll about 2-3 x times a day after cleansing and moisturising.



  • Liberally apply a serum, face oil, mask or moisturiser
  • Starting at the forehead roll up and outward
  • Roll over cheeks and jawline, through to neck moving outwards towards the ears, finishing on décolletage
  • After 1-3 minutes of facial massage, clean face
  • Apply moisturiser and resume beauty regimen

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